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Ananda Tinio

Yoga and mixed movement instructor

Ananda Tinio is a movement practitioner, teacher, but most of all, a student. She started her yoga practice in NYC in 2002, and has been teaching, whilst exploring diverse movement disciplines along the way, since 2008. Ananda is most inspired by yoga, dance, internal martial arts, Feldenkrais, and Fighting Monkey practice. Over the years, she has come to believe that universal principles underlie all systems and that integration, as opposed to compartmentalization, enhances quality of life.


Ananda’s teaching is informed by 25 years of self-inquiry — by way of higher education in film, former careers in journalism and television, psychotherapy, Vipassana meditation, and studies with the following teachers: Vidya Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga (Andalusia, Spain), Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus (San Francisco), Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up® (Los Angeles), Andres Vesga of the Ido Portal Method (Hong Kong), and Olivier Goetgeluck of Fighting Monkey (Antwerp).


Ananda believes in authenticity, autonomy, and creative expression in teaching. Her classes combine athleticism with intelligence, lyricism with methodology, the sensual with the cerebral. She has taught students of all levels in diverse locales — from San Francisco to the Philippines, Madrid to New Orleans, Costa Rica to Berlin, Mexico to Hong Kong. She is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.