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Cat Duval (Morning Gloryville)

Coach and Senior Yoga Teacher and founder of Nine Lives Yoga

Cat Duval is Coach and Senior Yoga Teacher and founder of Nine Lives Yoga. Shes all about creating mindfully happy habits. 


Since lockdown Cat has created a thriving membership community offering live daily practices from yoga and meditation to visualisation and goal setting, getting fantastic feedback.  


Cat toured the Nine Lives Yoga Raves to audiences of thousands from 2014 to 2019 across the UK and Scandinavia. Since coaching over 25,740 clients across 12 countries over the past decade, Cat developed the 4 Pillars of Happiness method taking clients from burnout to brilliance. Her new group coaching programme goes live in Jan 2021. 


Having won contracts to support NHS workers manage stress and exhaustion, young homeless people manage their mental health, and contribute to thriving company cultures with blue chip companies like Peakon, Pfizer and Microsoft, Cat has built a formidable reputation in the wellness industry. She speaks on creating mindfully happy habits, billed alongside Meik Wiking Author and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Michael Action Smith CEO of the Calm app and TED Global speaker David McCandless. 


Download Cats free visualisation meditation to kick start your happy habits here: www.catduval.co.uk


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