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Daniel Piatek

Spiritual Mentor and Personal Coach and HeroAcademy.com Founder

Daniel Piatek inspires, guides, and mentors others to embrace the journey to living their authentic essence, their Unique Genius. Through his own 35 year journey, he has birthed The Hero’s Quest Methodology, teaching others how to unlock the mystery of who they are through The Way of the Practical Mystic.


His journey has taken him through the worlds of Corporate America, celibate monkhood, small business ownership, meditator, narcissistic abuse survivor, training in many alternative therapeutic methodologies … leading him finally to surrendering to the guidance from the deepest part of himself. And only then did all of his life experience begin to fit together like the pieces of a mysterious puzzle.


Daniel’s vision is that as more of us engage each other from our Unique Genius, we will create entirely new ways of being human and of creating organization and culture. We will midwife a new world into existence.


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