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Emily Clare-Hill

Senior Yoga Teacher

My passion is yoga, when you find something that fully aligns you there’s nothing else you want to do. Yoga has taught me so much of our existence, it brought me a wholeness that I want to share.

I find yoga a challenging subject to describe because it never feels like I can explain all of it’s facets. What is yoga? The word literally means to yolk to unite to bring connection. We may understand this as the unity of being, when we are in harmony, conceited fully in our own being. When this state occurs within existence then we can begin to open up the power and understanding to cultivate unity with our surrounding.  The practice of yoga is an ongoing journey of discovery, never really complete. A practice of continually aligning and restoring the self, our values, our peace, our connection. Particularly when we have chosen to live within society, we have to keep practising our re-connect due to the complicated structures and distractions around us. If we were in a more simpler life we might find the connect with a little more ease, the challenge lies here in cultivating the connect and cultivating a simpler life while still existing within society. 

For many of us this practice begins on the yoga mat, if you are new to this practice of yoga. The above can sound quite hefty and intimidating, we start slowly, we begin to just open the door back to the self to reconnect with our breath, our body and starting to regain a little composure and perhaps control over the mind.


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