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Jeff Carreira

Meditation teacher and mystical philosopher

Jeff Carreira is a meditation teacher, mystical philosopher. He offers retreats and courses guiding individuals in a form of meditation he refers to as The Art of Conscious Contentment. Through this simple and effective meditation technique, thousands of people have experienced awakening beyond the confines of fear and self-concern into the expansive liberated awareness that is our true home.
Ultimately, Jeff is interested in defining a new way of being in the world that will move us from our current paradigm of separation and isolation into an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness. He explores and teaches about some of the most revolutionary ideas and systems of thought in the domains of spirituality, consciousness, and human development. He is passionate about philosophy because he is passionate about the power of ideas to shape how we perceive reality and how we live together. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and he enjoys inspiring people to develop their own powers of inquiry and self-reflection.
Jeff is the author of numerous books including: The Art of Conscious Contentment, No Place But Home, The Miracle of Meditation, The Practice of No Problem, Embrace All That You Are, Philosophy Is Not a Luxury, Radical Inclusivity, The Soul of a New Self, and Paradigm Shifting.