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Kat Farrants

Movement for Modern Life Founder

Kat Farrants is sole Founder of Movement for Modern Life. Founded in 2013, Movmentformodernlife.com is the UK’s online yoga and wellbeing platform, named as the ’Netflix of Yoga’ by Vogue, but we like to think we’re just your favourite, world-class teachers (including Vidya Heisel)  with a down to earth community, in the comfort of your own home.  Named as the ‘Fresh Face of Wellbeing’ by Vogue Magazine, she has been featured in the Daily Mail, Vogue, the Sunday Times, the Telegraph on Sunday, the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine, Health and Fitness magazine, Psychologies, Red, Homes and Gardens and numerous other publications as a thought leader on accessibility and benefits of yoga. She is a columnist for Be Kind Magazine, is Yoga Editor for Psychologies Magazine, a regular contributor to OM yoga magazine, Thrive Global and Huffington Post UK and has a podcast with Movement for Modern Life. Her mission is to enable us all to move into a happy, healthy and sustainable life and her passion is how we can take the lessons of yoga we have learnt on the mat, off the mat and into everyday life.