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Katherine Miller

Mbodiedwomen.com Founder, Master Health & Lifestyle Coach

Master Health & Lifestyle Coach Katherine Miller helps women from all over the world tap into their deepest desires and align their lifestyle with their personal purpose and mission in life. She uses her 40 plus years of experience in leadership development, meditation, yoga, and culinary arts to guide women through the upheaval, transformation and reinvention many women experience as they approach their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.


On the way to creating a life that truly serves them, Katherine helps her clients conquer a whole range of issues from stress management, burnout and hormonal imbalance to anxiety and weight gain. Her approach is all about increasing your energy and resilience through easy incremental actions that lead to deep long-lasting and sustainable change. 


As an entrepreneur, Katherine founded Mbodiedwomen.com, and has authored the online multimedia programs 7 Days to Radiant Health, the Extreme Radiance 10-Day Detox, the 6-month Balanced Body, Brilliant Brain Program, and the Meditation in Motion Challenge. She created and hosted the Menopause is a Trip Summit 3 years running, which attracted thousands of participants. She is certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completed her Holistic MBA, and is also a Certified Fermentationist and Tiny Habits Coach.


She currently lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts with her husband, a rescue dog, and 7 chickens. She finds pleasure in hiking, writing, building gardens, permaculture, paddle-boarding, cooking, traveling, dancing tango, and playing with her grandsons.