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Lisa Dunn

Yoga teacher, programme and documentary filmmaker

Having worked for 20 years as a programme and documentary filmmaker for the BBC, Lisa Dunn recently sought out a calmer existence as a yoga teacher. On visiting Suryalila as a guest, she was lured back behind the camera, inspired to follow the unfolding story of this unique haven by producing her first feature length documentary.


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Suryalila Six Years in Search of Sanity – The Suryalila Movie 

Showing Saturday 5th December – 21:15 CET with live Q&A after with Lisa Dunn


Vidya Heisel is an inspiring entrepreneur and visionary with big dreams. The film follows her rocky and fascinating journey to create Suryalila, an unsurpassed centre for yoga in the heart of the Andalusian countryside, the development of which presents her with some ethically difficult choices between her business and her values.  

Suryalila: Six Years in Search of Sanity explores the burgeoning trend of wellness retreats, spirituality and the fundamental need to come back to ourselves, to find community and a sense of belonging in this increasingly detached world.