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Liz Simmons

Strength & Grace Life Coaching LLC

Liz Simmons is the owner of Strength & Grace Life Coaching LLC. As a CTA trained life coach, Liz helps her clients develop the mindset and skills to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. A life changing injury was the catalyst that brought Liz to Costa Rica in 2013, where she obtained her YA200hr certificate under the expert tutelage of Vidya and the Frog Lotus Yoga Team. It was the insight she gained from yogic philosophy that spurred her to leave a job of 10 years and pursue a career in the Fitness Industry as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and health coach. For six years Liz helped her clients transform their health and lives, while expanding her knowledge in corrective exercise, behavior change, movement intelligence and the science of well-being.


Working with her clients, seeing their struggles in regards to their careers, and how closely they mimicked her past experiences, Liz knew that Life Coaching was in her future. When Covid-19 hit, gyms closed, Liz was laid off, and she pour all of her energy into what was in her own control, and thus Strength & Grace Life Coaching LLC was fully formed.


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