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Rita Hraiz

Ceremony, Spirituality & Teacher

Rita Hraiz is a ceremony holder, ethical clothes designer visionary artist &  Ageless Wisdom Teacher. She has worked around the world holding retreats and courses, supporting people to connect to their innate pristine vivid awareness to access the Tree of Life from within.

Rita uses her shamanic skills and knowledge of teachings gained over the last thirty years to support people in making a pilgrimage back to themselves, to put their roots deep into the earth and make strong community connections. To find their place in the world, their self-worth and connection to source. She runs online courses, workshops and retreats around the world to support the unfolding of the collective wake up.

“As a mother and Grandmother I don’t feel I can stand by and do nothing. I offer my understanding from an esoteric perspective of dealing with addictions to lift and inspire our young people who are suffering and feeling lost to have a clear sense of purpose.”


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